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Record videos online in your web browser with Clipchamp’s free camera recorder, with your privacy guaranteed.

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Powerful and secure 

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Record with ease

Record, retake and refine – all in one place! Create an endless number of webcam videos securely with unlimited retakes. You can even adjust colors, contrast, and add filters to your video.

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Remove mistakes

Polish up your storytelling in minutes. Cut out mistakes and awkward pauses with the simple trim tool. You can fix your audio volume and separate audio from video too.

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Resize, overlay and share

Time is save yours by resizing videos to suit any platform in a click! Crop your recordings to fit inside fun borders and add your webcam footage to support any visuals – from presentations to reaction videos.

How to camera record in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Click on the camera record tab

  • 2

    Select a camera and mic to use

  • 3

    Hit the record button

  • 4

    Save your recording in 1080p HD

Click on the camera tab.
Select a camera and mic to use.
Hit the record button.
Save your recording in 1080p HD.

Ready, set, record!

  • Turn captured webcam reactions into viral YouTube reaction videos using the picture-in-picture feature.

  • It’s time to retire boring video backgrounds. Use a green screen and edit your background with versatile green screen stock.

Editing tip: Save valuable time by resizing webcam videos to suit any social media platform with our freehand crop feature.

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Sell with a smile

  • Support your customers and employees with high-quality, engaging video presentations on company policies and goals.  

  • Produce professional sales outreach and pitches to easily share with potential clients and customers.

Editing tip: Not happy with your webcam audio? Instead of re-recording, add a free natural AI voiceover to your video.

An image of a man recording a sales video with webcam and text to speech features.

Don't just show, show and tell

  • Create a virtual connection with students by putting a face to the voice in your tutorials and lectures.   

  • Add pre-recorded walkthrough videos to your learning portal for extra assistance. 

Editing tip: If your webcam recording doesn’t play at your ideal pace, speed up or slow down your video and audio with our speed controller.

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Learn how to record your camera like a pro.

Record videos online in a few clicks. Read our step-by-step guide to online webcam recording.

An image of Clipchamp's webcam recorder.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Our online camera recorder is free for all users. To start using our webcam video recorder, sign up today.

  • Yes. Users can record for up to 30 minutes for free. You can create webcam recordings longer than 30 minutes by taking multiple recordings. There is no limit to the number of webcam recordings you can create.

  • Yes. You can create free webcam videos without audio in Clipchamp. Select the ‘none’ option when choosing your microphone settings before clicking the record button.

  • Yes. You can record videos using your built-in webcam or by using apps like Camo and external webcam plugins. Just be sure to select your chosen webcam option when choosing your settings.

  • Yes. Record and edit your webcam videos with your privacy guaranteed. Clipchamp never has access to your videos, unlike other providers. All camera recordings will stay on your device unless you share a video using our integrations.

Lights, camera, record!