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Watch this 2-minute video:

What the WordPress plugin does:

Today, most of the sites that only use text are DEAD IN THE WATER. VIDEO is the name of the game. Your customers have to use video. Even just embedding a simple YouTube video in their content, can create more traffic, and visitors who stay longer and buy more!

1The plugin adds the proper " video markup" to the posts or pages that have an embedded video. This gives Google more info on the videos (title, description, duration, video thumbnail, etc). Google values video a lot (they own YouTube after all). So, sites that use the plugin stand to get ranked much higher.

Google may also show a video thumbnail that will be shown next to the site's Google search listing. This increases CTR and traffic even more.

The plugin can generate the code from videos your prospects host on their site, as well as from videos hosted on "video sites" like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, that they have embedded on their site.

2The plugin also creates an XML video sitemap and notifies Google every time a video is embedded to the site. This will get the video posts indexed even faster. Very often, posts with great content never even get indexed, so it's crucial that people use a video sitemap.

See screenshots of the plugin, or download a free demo.

Well-known marketers who have promoted and made money with recent offers of mine:

Brad Spencer
Brian Terry
Bryan Winters
Colleen Slater
Dave Guindon
Derek Pierce
Edna Melendez
Heri Rosyadi
Ian del Carmen
James Campbell
Jeff Lam
Jeremy Kelsall
John Delavera
Kathe Lukas
Ken Reno
Marian Krajcovic
Matt Garrett
Mike Lantz
Mike Morgan
Reed Floren
Richard Wing
Ryan Stevenson
Sam England
Scott Stamper
Shannon Herod
Shaun Texier
Shawn Anderson
Tony Newton
Traian Turcu
Vicki Nguyen

6 great reasons you will make money when you promote 1-Click Video Ranker:


High-quality product:

This is a WordPress plugin that people actually want. People love buying SEO plugins that help their sites get more traffic, and 1-Click Video Ranker will help them do just that. The testimonials speak for themselves.

Deep funnel with high EPCs:

Option: Price: Commissions:
Single-site license: $9 100%
Unlimited-site license: $17 75%
Developer's license (100 client sites): $37 60%
Agency license (unlimited client sites): $97 50%
OTO1: Traffic Accelerator Suite
single-site license:
$9 50%
OTO2: Traffic Accelerator Suite
multi-site license:
$27 50%
OTO3: Traffic Accelerator Suite
developer license:
$47 50%

High-converting offer:

Here are the reasons this offer sells so well:

a) People already want it: The plugin is something people already want. Everyone wants more traffic to their websites.

b) Right price: The plugin has been priced to sell (starts at $9 for the single-site license).

c) Compelling ad copy: Full of benefits, but without hype or hard-selling.

d) Professional design: Clean, usable, trustworthy.

Here's how older products of mine have done:

Low refund rates:

Many products in the "internet marketing" niche have a refund rate of up to 10%. My products only have a 2% refund rate maximum.

Ready-made promotional tools:

I have already created an email swipe file and banners. This isn't the usual "hard-sell" approach you see all over the internet. The email uses a soft-sell approach that clearly explains the benefits, while the banners are "text-style" which are proven to convert.

I will reciprocate:

If you have an offer that fits my growing list of subscribers and customers, I'll be glad to mail out for you. Here are a few quick examples of past offers I have promoted:



I'm a Premium JV Zoo affiliate. This means that I get approved automatically to promote any offer I want. This is so becuase I generate many sales with almost zero refunds.

Get your JV affiliate link:

JV Contest:

$1,000+ are up for grabs!

1st place: $300
2nd place: $250
3rd place: $200
4th place: $150
5th place: $100
6th place: $75
7th place: $50

The rankings will be based on who has earned the MOST COMMISSIONS - not just number of total sales, as selling a $9 single-site license is pretty different from selling a $97 Agency license. :-)

Current LEADER-BOARD (I will be updating this every 24 hours):

[Order shown from most commissions earned]

1) Soren Jordansen, John Merrick & Cindy Battye

2) Eric Nelson & Ankur Shukla

3) Edwin Boiten & Mike Mckay

4) Kevin Byrne

5) Cliff Carrigan

6) Leo Lover

7) Ray Lane

8) Bill Cousins

9) Nick Mancuso

10) Mark Sandquist

VERY close to cracking the top 10 are:

Chad Wyatt

Satyajeet Hattangadi

Profit Marketer

Andrew Hunter

Oliver Bowen

Ryan Stevenson

Igor Burban

Ken Reno

Warrior Faraaz & Warrior Faisal

The plugin went live on Tuesday July 8th.The contest will end at MIDNIGHT, TUESDAY, JULY 22ND.

Bonus you can offer your list for buying through your link:

The following is a special report on SEO I had written that had generated a ton of positive feedback. This is not PLR stuff! I have completely removed my name and any reference to my sites.

Smart SEO

You can create a page on your server that links to this bonus. Or, you can just include the direct link to the zip files on my server:

Soft-Sell Email Swipe File:

Email body:

Note: This is a pretty long email that hits several angles. Feel free to use it as is, or use it as inspiration to create your own promo. :-)


Copy the code you see below the banner you want to use, and place it on your site. Don't forget to replace "YOUR-AFFILIATE-LINK" with YOUR affiliate link! :-)




(thank-you page banner)











Who am I?

My name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 10 years. My focus is on creating high-quality WordPress plugins that create happy customers and happy joint venture partners. Oh, I also enjoy playing tennis when time permits! :-).

I hope we can become "business friends" and help each other grow our online businesses.

If you want to get in touch, just email me at
george.katsoudas.jv [at]

I'll be happy to send you a review copy of the plugin, as well as create any special set up you want for your customers.


George "The Greek" Katsoudas
Online affiliate marketer and product developer