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1-Click Video Ranker WordPress plugin
1-Click Video Ranker WordPress plugin

1-click video ranker

3 perfectly legit "SEO hacks" that Google LOVES
- rewarding you with a flood of traffic, in as little as 7 days
(WITHOUT getting new links, or writing more content)

1Embed a video in your content:

People LOVE watching videos and Google KNOWS it. Why do you think they bought YouTube for $1.65 billion (with a "b")?

If you have a video embedded, people will spend even more time on your site. The more time people spend on your site, the more high-quality Google thinks your site is (after all, that's why people spend more time on it).

Even just having an embedded Youtube video can make people stay a LOT more than if you only had text.

If you have a video embedded in your content, it gets ranked higher. Also, for many keywords, videos now appear on the top of Google, before text-only content.

2Add an XML video sitemap to your site:

Many times, great content never gets found, because Google doesn't know about it.

Sure, some big sites like the New York Times get crawled several times a day. But, smaller sites may only be crawled once a month.

If you have an XML video sitemap that has links to your videos, Google can find that video content much faster, index it, and add it to its search results.

There are also ways to have the XML video sitemap get updated automaticaly, every time you add a video to your site, and have the sitemap pinged to Google as well (keep reading to see how to do this).

3Use the proper "schema.org markup for videos":

This is basically "special code" that gives Google more info about your video. For example, how long it is, its title, where a video thumbnail can be found on your site, etc.

YOU know what the video on your site is about, but you need to tell GOOGLE what your video is about, as well.

The more info you give Google about your video, the higher the chances that your content will get ranked higher.

Not to mention that Google is now showing VIDEO THUMBNAILS next to many listings of pages that have an embedded video. That way, those listings STAND OUT and people click even more on them.

Here are some examples, for all sorts of keywords, from some of the most succesful sites:

thumbnail examples

The above are Google listings of "normal pages" that have text and that also happen to have an EMBEDDED VIDEO. They are NOT listings of some "video site" like YouTube. Notice how the video thumbnails make them stand out!

Examples of sites that use this method:


Video statistics for 2014:

1The chances of getting a page 1 listing on Google increase 53 times with video.

(Forrester Research)

2Videos in search results have a 41% higher click-through rate than plain-text results.


3Using video on landing pages increases conversion rates by 80%.

(EyeView Digital)

1Internet video traffic will be 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017.


5Posts with videos included will attract 3 times more links than plain-text posts.


How Google sees sites, depending on their content:

Competing Sites: How Google sees them:
Sites using TEXT ONLY (The worst option. VERY tough to get traffic this way, today). thumbs down
Sites using TEXT AND VIDEO (The "OK" option. You can get some good traffic). thumbs up
Sites using VIDEO AND the proper "schema.org mark up" to help Google understand what each video is about, AND an XML video sitemap to have the video content indexed super fast (The BEST option. It gives you a huge advantage over your competitors). thumbs up
thumbs up

Ok, I can embed video in my content. But what about all the other technical stuff? I'm not a programmer, you know!

Fear not!

I went to work, and developed a solution to this problem: A WordPress plugin that adds the proper "schema.org video markup" to your content.

The plugin can generate the code from videos you host on your site, as well as from videos hosted on "video sites" like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, that you have embedded on your site.

The plugin also creates an XML video sitemap that notifies Google every time you add a video to your site. That way, your video content gets indexed even faster.

7 great reasons to add 1-Click Video Ranker to your WordPress sites today:

1More Traffic:

The plugin helps Google understand what your video content is about. Since Google values video, they will rank your site higher.

Google may also show an eye-catching video thumbnail next to the search-engine listings of your posts and pages that contain a video.

That way, you get even more clicks. Plus, over time, Google will see that your site has a high CTR and will promote it even higher. Result: Even more traffic, sales, and cash.

2Fast Indexing:

The plugin creates an xml video sitemap that helps Google index your videos quickly, so you get traffic faster. Remember: It's not enough to have great content on your site. Google needs to know about it as well!

3Less time and effort:

Automatically adds the necessary info to all your existing video posts and pages, with just one click. That way, it saves you time and effort.

4Does the boring stuff:

Fetches the video info on new posts and pages with just one click. That way, it saves you from the boring task of typing all the details yourself.


The plugin recognizes your own, self-hosted videos (mp4, mpeg, flv, avi, wmv, swf etc), or even videos from Youtube, DailyMotion or Vimeo.

6Peace of mind:

It shows you how each video post will look on Google, before you publish it. That way, you can modify it until it looks exactly like you want.

7Google wants you to do this:

Listen to what Google's own Matt Cutts has to say on the subject:

Download the 1-Click Video Ranker demo:

You will be able to use all functions. It's just that only you will be able to see the XML video sitemap, when you are logged in as admin.

Also, the proper "schema.org markup" will not be added to your site, so Google will not get any extra info on your video content. You will still be able to preview how your site's search listing would look on Google, if they decided to add the video thumbnail to your it.

Once you upgrade to the full version, all the changes will be visible to the search engines and your visitors as well.

Main Admin Area Screenshots:

1-click video ranker admin screenshot 2

Post-editor Widget Screenshot:

1-click video ranker widget screenshot

Video Sitemap Screenshot:

video sitemap screenshot

1-click video ranker testimonial

What people say about 1-Click Video Ranker:

"Great plugin that will improve your search engine rankings and visibility..."

1-Click Video Ranker is a great plugin that will improve your search engine rankings and visibility. It was really easy to use with a very intuitive interface.

I especially liked the feature that adds a video thumbnail to your listing in the search engines. It gives you great visibility.

All the best,

Scott Sonnen

"It's like having a click magnet..."

This is a great idea! Having a video thumbnail next to your Google search engine listing makes your listing stand out, it is like having a click magnet. It is a proven fact that listing with images or video get more clicks than listings without.

The installation and setup literally takes a few seconds and from thereon the plugin does its thing on its own.

Regards and thank you

Manie Esterhuizen

"An amazing plugin..."

I think "1-Click Video Ranker WordPress plugin" is an amazing plugin.

I have other plugins in some of my top blogs to help with SEO like Georges "1-click WP SEO" and some others, but this plugin is a great addition.

Since Google changed the way they process Google Authorship information, I have since lost my authorship thumbnail picture, which helped me get more noticed in the search engines.

But now, I will have a video thumbnail back to my posts which will help my blogs get more noticed in the search engines.

Great addition to my Wordpress SEO arsenal!

Glenn Freiboth

"George's strong suit, is his customer service."

Doing a keyword look up on Google (and the others), ones eyes are drawn to those sites with a thumbnail or video, although they may not be rated as high as some of the ones
that are text only.

And being viewed prior to a higher ranked site has the same effect as being higher ranked.

That speaks volumes about what George's new 'One Click Video Ranker' is attempting to achieve.

Easy to install, and even with few instructions, I managed to upload a few posts already.

George's strong suit, though, is his customer service. He communicates well with his clients (he actually gets back to you if you have a question or problem), and he is also constantly making updates to his products, even those from a few years back.


Russ Kampman

"Saves us a lot of time..."

Thank you for this simple and very good plugin. The plugin is very easy to use and straight to the point. It works as described.

We do not need to do manual Google markups for the videos anymore and no need for a separate video sitemap plugin because of this plugin which saves us a lot of time and makes marking up a lot easier, and it also has very nice xml interface.

Richard Hargreaves

"... so easy to embed powerful vids the right way"

George fixed my headache for good!

For years I've been trying to add videos to my blog posts because I understood how much more powerful that would be.

But when it comes to fiddling with the techie hassles of configuring XML Sitemaps and Schema markup I just get shook-up.

That's when it starts. It's the kind of work that makes my brain start to shrink to a peanut. It feels like a migraine on steroids!

But now with this plugin is so easy to embed powerful vids the right way that my anguished brain has returned to normal again.

I feel better than if I had downed a whole bottle of Aspirin. And the extra attention I'm seeing to my offers are making me downright giddy.

Thanks George.

David Parsons

"George stands behind his plugins 100%..."

I'll be the first to tell ya you don't need every new plugin, program, theme or ebook that flies into your inbox!


When it comes to George Katsoudas you better pay attention!

Ya gotta be living under a rock if you haven't seen all the new video stuff that has come out. Video works....period. You'll sell more, build bigger lists and have a more popular site. But you need to pay attention to the video programs, players and plugins that you buy.....there's some shady characters out there!

Well....George has been working on 1-Click Ranker for a while...before the big push for video.

This plugin does what it says. Your videos and pages that your videos are on will get ranked fast.

Something that builds a video site map and sells this cheap is crazy.... but I know George always wants his customers to have the best and makes things affordable.

If it sounds like I'm a cheerleader for George Katsoudas...well, I am. You'll not find a more confident, understanding, helpful and knowledgeable IM marketer. He won't sell you junk and he doesn't sell stuff he won't use. He doesn't copy other programs but develops his own and stands behind them 100%.

Bottom line is, Video is king these days, a properly coded video sitemap will do nothing but help your website/blog and 1-Click Video Ranker is just the plugin to do it. It's a must have plugin on any wordpress blog with videos. Video sitemaps have been around for a while but they've been really difficult to "properly" configure and set up....George and 1-Click Ranker has solved these problems.

I highly suggest you get your hands on this plugin and check it out.

Thanks George,

Scott Parat

"I would highly recommend this plugin for your video marketing efforts"

I have a review copy from 1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin.

We all know that video is vital in todays website design. This plugin is very useful if you have video embedded website.

The plugin is light and easy to use. Every function has included a help button to help even the a fresh user can quickly pickup without go through lengthy tutorial.

This is a great solution for Video Marketing SEO. It can automatically detect any video embedded on your website, retrieve the title, description and build a video xml site so that it can understand by Google's eye.

It also generate a snippet how your video search shows on SERP. This is a great features to preview how your SERP looks.

If you are not happy with the title or description, you can easily change it accordingly and it will reflect on the snippets preview column.

I would highly recommend this plugin for your video marketing effort.

Eric Ang

Your testimonial will go here. :-)

FORGET about all these headaches:

xWorrying about Google slapping your site with another algorithm update like Panda, Penguin, or Hummingbird. xBuying expensive links from "private blog networks" or using complicated backlinking tools.
xTrying to "fool" Google with black-hat methods only to have your site get deindexed. xTrying to figure out complicated and shady "link pyramid" diagrams.
xUsing unreadable spun content your visitors hate. xHiring an expensive "SEO Agency" or "SEO specialist."

Enjoy benefits like these:

2Rank higher for your keywords.

2Enjoy "authority site" status.

2Boost your Adsense income.

2Make more Clickbank or Amazon commisions.

2Make more sales of your own products.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

What does the plugin do in a nutshell?

It adds the proper "schema.org video markup" to your posts or pages that have an embedded video. This gives Google more info on your videos, and, since they value video so much, your site stands to get ranked much higher. Google may also decide to add a video thumbnail that will be shown next to your site's Google search listing.

The plugin can generate the code from videos you host on your site, as well as from videos hosted on "video sites" like YouTube, Vimeo, or DailyMotion, that you have embedded on your site.

The plugin also creates an XML video sitemap and notifies Google every time you embed a video to your site. This will get your video posts indexed even faster.

How soon will the video thumbnail appear next to my Google search listing?

Some pages, like the New York Times homepage that changes every day, may be recrawled and updated several times a day. Other pages, like the privacy policy of a website that hasn't been updated for 5 years, may not be indexed for up to a month or more.

The plugin will ping Google, as soon as you add a video to your post. It may take a few days for the thumbnail to appear on Google.

Several people have reported that the thumbnails can appear in a couple of days. How? By "fetching" your site with the free Google Webmaster tool. The quick-start guide shows you how to do this (takes just a minute).

How can I see instantly how my new search listing will appear on Google?

The plugin has an instant preview function.

Can you guarantee that the thumbnail will appear on Google?

I can guarantee that the plugin will add the proper schema.org markup to your pages. You will be able to verify it instantly, by using the free Google structured data testing tool. Your post that has a video will show the "video object" attribute. Btw, the Google testing tool doesn't show the video thumbnail (no matter which site you test). It only tells you what code it finds on your page.

Google may not show the thumbnail in some cases. For example, if for some reason they feel that your site isn't "useful" enough for their users.

I have talked with experts who specialize on structured data for videos, and how Google sees it, and have made sure that the plugin adds the proper code to your sites.

In any case, remember this: Embedding video in your content will get you more traffic, likes and shares. Also, Google wants you to add video to your site. And, helping Google figure out that you have done so is always smart. The plugin will tell Google: "This site has a video embedded."

Will the thumbnail link to YouTube, or my own site?

If Google decides to show a thumbnail next to the search listing of a post or page of yours that has a YouTube video embedded, the thumbnail (and the entire search listing) will (of course) point to YOUR WordPress site.

Will I have to add the info for the videos manually?

If the videos on your site are embedded from sites like YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, the plugin can find ALL the info of ALL the videos on your site with ONE click. (The "Check" button on the main admin page).

Then, for your new posts and pages, the plugin can find all the video info with ONE click as well ("Find Video Info" button in the post/page editor area).

If the videos on your site are self hosted, then you can still add the info manually via the post/page editor widget.

What about Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or other upcoming Google updates?

This is not a blackhat method that only works for a while. Remember: Google WANTS you to use video and WANTS you to use the proper schema.org rich snippets markup, on your sites.

All the Google updates have ONE thing in common: Google wants people to have the best possible user experience. And using video is one of the best ways to achieve just that.

I already have a static sitemap. Can I still use the plugin?

Absolutely! You can simultaneously have a "normal" sitemap that has links to your posts and pages - and an XML video sitemap (created by the plugin automatically) with info about your videos and links to your video content, specifically.

Google wants to see both of these on your site!

What's the easiest way to embed a self-hosted video on Wordpress?

If you don't want to embed a video from Youtube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, you can just use the built-in video player that WordPress has included in the latest versions!

Go to create or edit a post or page.

Click "Add Media."

Click "Select Files" and upload your video file - for example, some-video.mp4.

Click "insert into post."


Can I try the plugin, before I buy?

Yes. You can download the demo.

Will 1-Click Video Ranker work with [plugin 123, theme abc, host XYZ]?

It most likely will. If there's an incompatibility, we will either fix it or refund your purchase. Feel free to download the demo first and see how it works, on your site.

What are the technical requirements to run the plugin?

You need to have a WordPress site that is hosted on your own domain. The WordPress version needs to be at least 3.5.

I'm totally new to WordPress. How do I install WordPress on my site, and how do I install a plugin?

We all have to start at some point! To find out how to install WordPress in cpanel, and install a plugin, please watch these videos.

Is there a one-time offer (OTO) after I purchase?

Yes. It's called Traffic Accelerator Suite. This is a bundle of two other best-selling and proven SEO WordPress plugins of mine (SEO Scorer and 1-Click WP SEO). You will get the chance to get them both for the price of one.

Will I get any updates after I purchase?

All customers receive free upgrades. We continually add new features and improve our plugins. Some of these modifications are pretty costly, too. However, you will never pay for any upgrades. We support our plugins, and we support our customers.

How many sites can I use the plugin on? Can I use it on clients' sites as well?

There are 4 (four) different licenses available. Please select the one that fits your needs best:

Single-site license: You can use the plugin only on one site that you personally own.

Unlimited-site license: You can use the plugin on as many sites as you wish, as long as you personally own them.

Developer's license: You can use the plugin on up to 100 client sites. You can also flip (sell) sites that have the plugin installed. You can also use the plugin on unlimited sites that you own.

Agency license: If you are an agency and you plan to serve more than 100 customers, please select an agency licence. You can also flip (sell) sites that have the plugin installed. nd, of course, you can use the plugin on unlimited sites you personally own.

What if I purchased a specific license but later realised I want a "bigger" license?

You can upgrade, by paying the difference. Just contact me. Include your initial Paypal purchase receipt as well. I'll get back to you ASAP and tell you how to upgrade.

How can I get customer support?

Sometimes, things happen. A server may not be configured properly to work with the plugin, or you may just feel "lost." No worries :-). Just contact me and I'll solve your problem for you in less than 24 hours (may be a bit more on the weekends).

Who are you and why should I buy from you?

george katsoudasMy name is George Katsoudas. I've been marketing online for 10 years. I'm obsessed with taking complex processes and simplifying them as much as possible.

For the last few years I have been focusing on developing WordPress plugins. The plugins I develop are intuitive, free of bugs and user-friendly.

I aim to create happy customers, one at a time - and hope we can have a long-term business relationship together.

1-click video ranker bonus

You will also get these 4 exclusive bonuses:

I want to make sure that you succeed. That's why I will also give you these:


seo-cheat-sheet"10 simple ways to get more Google traffic - without building backlinks." (Cheat sheet).


creative-keyword-research"How to discover profitable keywords, before your competitors find out about them." (Mindmap).

3) youtube traffic"10 underused ways to get more traffic with YouTube videos." (Mini guide).

4) Tips, insights and updates via email. I share with you some of my best thoughts on making money on the Internet.

10-times-your-investment-back guarantee:

guaranteeMake 10 times your investment back within 60 days, or get a full refund. No questions asked.

Why am I making this offer? Because I know you will LOVE it, and come back for more. You can be downloading the plugin and bonuses in less than 30 seconds from now.

1-click video ranker traffic

Try 1-Click Video Ranker, today:

1-Click Video ranker ecoverIt has cost me more than $3,420 to bring this plugin to you, but you won't have to pay anywhere near that much.

In fact, with the 60-day money-back guarantee, you get to try the plugin for as little as just $0.29 a day!

Agency License
(Unlimited personal and client sites. You can also sell sites that have the plugin installed):
1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin (Agency License)

Developer License
(Up to 100 client sites and unlimited sites you own. You can also sell sites that have the plugin installed):

1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin (Developer License)

Unlimited-Site License
(Your own sites):
1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin (Multi-Site License)
Single-Site License
(Your own site):
1-Click Video Ranker WordPress Plugin (Single-Site License)

To faster profits,

george katsoudas signature

George Katsoudas,
Affiliate marketer and WordPress plugin developer.

PS. So, now you’ve got THREE OPTIONS:

1) You can leave this page and go back to doing the same ol' stuff that doesn't work, keep getting little to no traffic, and keep worrying about where the money to pay the bills will come from...

2) You can try what you’ve learned from this page. This will work, IF you can deal with the technical stuff...

3) Or, you can buy the plugin, let it handle all the technical stuff and deliver more traffic to your site...

PPS. After your order, you will receive a thank-you email from yours trully (George Katsoudas). Reply to it and I'll send you a mystery gift, as well. I promise, you'll like it :-).

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