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  • New to Instagram or need #inspo? Start by learning about different video formats, best practices and easy video ideas in this ultimate guide to Instagram.

  • Want to promote your brand and products or announce a sale? No matter what you're selling, find your ideal customer by making catchy Instagram video ads.

  • Not sure if you should make Reels, Stories or ads to get the most views on this trendy app? Keep reading to find ideas perfect for creators, marketers and businesses.

Make Instagram Reels 

The best Reels stop the scroll! The engaged community on Instagram has diverse interests which makes it the perfect social media to post about niche topics, find your tribe and even monetize your content.

Creators post authentic content from morning routines to favorite products, sharing their unique take on trends and getting spotted by brands along the way.

Businesses use Reels to be visible, support marketing efforts and humanize their brand as they grow.

Top Instagram Reel ideas

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Reaction Reels

Show how you feel! Reacting to trending content can help new creators get visible, showcase their personality and attract new followers. Good reaction video are entertaining, relatable and genuine, reacting side-by-side or after the original clip. Trim out boring parts, add GIFs and sound effects to keep viewers hooked.

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Trending challenge Reels

Jump on a trend! Never run out of video ideas with Instagram's challenges that closely follow TikTok trends. Good videos usually showcase a unique angle or creative twist on the challenge to make it more interesting. Add energetic transitions like spin to level up the drama and keep viewers entertained.

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Review Reels

Share fresh reviews! Instagram's community creates cult products through reviews posted by users, so such Reels shouldn't be ignored by businesses. Good reviews focus on details and give a clear take on benefits with high quality footage. Adding text animations about the price, pros and cons can keep viewers engaged.

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Make Instagram Stories

The best Stories keep the conversation going with your followers! Instagram Stories only last for 24 hours so it's a good spot to share what's current.

Creators use Story videos to update followers by sharing snippets from daily life and sneak peaks of brand collaborations. It's a fast and easy way to create content and keep in touch with followers.

Businesses use Story videos to build trust and connection by sharing behind-the-scenes clips, drop exclusive sales and repost testimonial videos.

Top Instagram Story ideas 

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Day in the life Stories

Take viewers on a journey! Micro-vlog your day to connect with followers on a more personal level or showcase some behind-the-scenes at your business. From morning routines to dinner prep, the best Story videos take viewers on a journey, including a friendly voiceover or text to explain the time, place and activity. These don't need to look polished, so it's easy to make lots of content with Stories.

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Exclusive discount Stories

Reward your followers! Businesses can offer exclusive discounts and coupon codes through Stories, giving Instagram users a reason to follow and keep up with the profile to score deals. Some brands even encourage sharing Stories in exchange for a coupon too which increases account engagement. Good sales Stories include time period, product availability, details on how to buy or book and stickers.

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Testimonial Stories

Spread the positivity! Build trust by re-sharing testimonials to Stories. Good user-generated videos and testimonials highlight key benefits in a selfie video and show the product in action. If your business is new, you can post a call-out for testimonials on Stories using an eye-catching Story template. Easily repurpose your existing testimonials by resizing your video to 9:16 using Clipchamp.

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Make Instagram video ads

The best ads on Instagram are visually catchy, informative and have a clear call-to-action! Businesses can try Sponsored Reels or in-feed video ads, select a a target audience to reach and let the Instagram algorithm do the rest.

Maintain consistent branding with logos, colors and fonts to be easy to recognize among other ads.

Top Instagram video ad ideas

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Brand awareness ads

Tell your brand story! If your business is new or has reinvented itself, build intrigue and find your ideal customer with an Instagram video. From origin stories, vision videos to how it's made videos, good awareness videos don't use sales-oriented visuals or language, and focus on storytelling. Try featuring employees for a human touch, and edit with smooth transitions and music.

Sales promo ads

Instagram sales can boost your brand! Simply select an existing Reel to sponsor and include a coupon code for quick and effective marketing. Good Reels ads usually look like an in-feed Instagram video with eye-catching editing and animated text to stop scrolling viewers. Edit your caption to include details of the sale, including website, timings and more.

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Demo ads

Create buzz, educate and sell with a demo! Showing how your product or service resolves a customer pain point can be very effective with the right ad targeting. Good demo videos are detail-oriented and guide viewers on best use with close-up product videos. Edit the footage by adding your logo, details to buy and include captions to make your video viewable on mute.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. It’s free to save and share a video made with Clipchamp. However, if your video has premium elements like stock video or audio, you may need to upgrade your account to the Essentials plan.  

  • Choose from 9:16, 1:1, 16:9, 4:5 2:3, and 21:9 to easily resize any video with Clipchamp’s aspect ratio presets.

  • Yes. Effortlessly add captions to any video ad and download a transcript for free with Clipchamp’s auto-captioning feature.

  • There is no required minimum number of followers to get sponsored on Instagram. Having over 10,000 followers will get you started as Instagram offers more features to those accounts. 

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