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Make promo videos that stop the scroll with Clipchamp’s ready-to-use templates.

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Streamline your promo editing

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Choose from professional templates

Go from woe to wow in a few clicks. Choose from our wide range of video templates to suit your theme, event or business. Make it your own by changing the stock videos, music or text and resize your video to suit any social media platform. 

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Add stock videos to tell your story

Never blow your budget to record footage again. Select stock videos that fit any mood, hobby or business. Choose from over 1 million videos and blend them into your chosen template in minutes.

Stay on brand with logos

Low effort, high recall. Make memorable branded promos by saving all your brand elements in one place. Add your brand logo, custom color scheme, font and even watermark for a consistent look.

How to create a promo video in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Select a video template to edit

  • 2

    Customize by changing stock videos and music

  • 3

    Add text and transitions

  • 4

    Place your brand logo or watermark

  • 5

    Save and export your HD video

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Promos for creators 

  • Hook your audience in with a sneak peek of upcoming content with a teaser video.

  • Promote a product by sharing your experience in a testimonial video.

  • Invite subscribers and gaming enthusiasts to watch your livestream event.

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Promos for small business

  • Advertise a sales event to get your audience ready for mind-blowing deals.

  • Cook up a juicy food business ad that features your chefs, menu, and offers.

  • Make an imaginative promo video that matches your exceptional hobby business.

Image of a shop with clothes with two females talking. There are stickers that read "Sale" and "New" on the right side.

Promos for corporates

  • Share your company’s origins, impact and brand story in a timeless promo video.

  • Assemble employees to create a company culture video that inspires.

  • Showcase the inner workings of your brand with a powerful behind-the-scenes video.

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Get started with video templates

Design a sensational promo video without the hassle of starting from scratch

Need help editing a template?

Check out this step-by-step guide on how to customize a video template to suit your needs.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Yes. Video templates are free to use in Clipchamp’s video editor but some templates may contain premium stock videos or audios. Simply replace the stock assets or consider upgrading your account to save a professional promo video.

  • Free promo video templates don’t have watermarks, but select premium templates may contain paid stock elements that may be watermarked for free users. Simply replace the asset with free stock or consider upgrading your account for access.

  • You can add as many templates as you like while editing in the timeline. We recommend using transitions to blend them seamlessly.

  • You can manually upload custom fonts, colors, and logos using the Brand kit in Clipchamp. Clipchamp Essentials plan subscribers can access this feature.

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